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About Us

We strive to expand Health Zone across the world.

Health Zone is a biological environment that contributes to long-term health for people. As good health comes from “balance”, we developed “suisonia-inhaler” to provide this “balance” that contributes to Health Zone anytime anywhere across the world.

Our suisonia research focuses not only for scientific evidence, but also to ensure safety .

As we strive to expand this “Health Zone”, we never stop researching how suisonia will benefit our health. From the beginning, we knew that hydrogen inhalation will benefit human health, but it must come with scientific/medical evidences.

Our research is not only about how suisonia will work for our body, but how will it provide benefit without compromising safety.

We have our own laboratory (MLS Labo – Research Institute) to conduct our basic researches to examine how suisonia gas will affect different human biomarkers. We also have supporting universities and hospitals around the world to conduct clinical trial researches, to examine its efficacy and safety for human. We would like to extend our thanks to all Professors and Doctors who made our researches possible.

Medical Device Manufacturer

Suisonia Co., Ltd is registered as a legal medical device manufacturer in Japan.  Our Quality Management System (QMS) ensure high standards for manufacturing process.  Your safety is our priority.

Original Technology

Technology employed in “Superheated Steam Reduction” is our original technology.  We have underwent extensive research & development process when building our first hydrogen generator system.

Made in Japan

Our suisonia devices are designed and assembled in Japan. Although we’ve changed what we build (from industrial robots to medical device), we haven’t changed where we build them. That is our pride.

We are a technical oriented company

As we strive to expand this “Health Zone”, we have two main areas where we put effort as a company.

Research Team and Distribution Team: These teams either focus on the product itself (R&D, Basic Research, and Clinical Trial Research), while the Distribution team will focus on production and sales (Manufacturing & QMS, Sales within Japan, and Sales across the world).

The Research team will research and develop product from ground up ensuring it conforms to high safety standards as a medical device. At the same time, the research team also focuses on the effects of our device by basic research and clinical trial research.

 We believe everyone must breath from “suisonia”, thus we established a Distribution Team that make our device available for people in need not only in Japan, but around the world. This includes conforming to different manufacturing standards around the world.

Greetings from Suisonia Co., Ltd

As most people know, Japanese people has the highest life expectancy rate in G7 countries (According to OECD Data – 2016). Additionally, Japanese people do also have high healthy life expectancy rate of 74 years old (people staying healthy despite of high age).

With this in our mind, we believe it is possible for anyone to stay healthy. We designed “suisonia” to assist people to stay healthy as long as possible. That is why we never stop researching about this novel gas it generates. It is not only producing hydrogen molecule, but an “Active form of Hydrogen”, meaning higher reduction power that molecular hydrogen.

We hope to expand this “Health Zone” across the world with our suisonia.

Katsuyuki Hashimoto
President & CEO of Suisonia Co., Ltd

Corporate Profile

Company Name:

Suisonia Co., Ltd


3-5-56 Kongo, Yahatanishi-ku, Kitakyushu, Fukuoka. Japan


1978: Established (as Kyusho Engineering LLC)

2014: Renamed (Earth Engineering Co., Ltd)

2020: Renamed (Suisonia Co., Ltd)


24,000,000 JPY

Line of Business:

Medical Device Manufacturer

Industrial Robot Manufacturer

EnergyPod Official Distributor in Japan

Board Members and Research Advisors

President & CEO:

Katsuyuki Hashimoto

Managing Director:

Kayo Hashimoto


Yoshiyuki Ogata


Naoki Hidaka


Shinichi Sakamoto

Research Cooperation Advisors

Academic Advisor (Japan):

Prof. Nobunao Ikewaki
Junsei Gakuen, Kyushu University of Health & Welfare | Sub-Dean | Dept. of Immunology

Clinical Research Cooperation:

Prof. Alexander G. Chuchalin M.D. PhD
Russia Academy of Science | Chairman | Moscow, Russia


Koukichi Arai M.D. PhD
Medical Corp. Eikoukai | Japan

Miyuki Tanimoto M.D. PhD
Arai Clinic Osaka | Japan

Akira Hirakawa M.D. PhD
Medical Corp. Hohoemi Group | Japan

Prof. Xu Kai Feng M.D. PhD
Peking Union Hospital | China

Prof. Li Guang Xi M.D. PhD
Guang’anmen Hospital Beijing | China

Prof. Kunio Ibaraki M.D. PhD
University of Ryukyus | Okinawa

Assoc. Prof. Hiroki Maehara M.D. PhD
University of Ryukyus | Okinawa

Kishore Kumar M.D.

International Partners

List of Authorized Reseller of Suisonia in Different Countries.


FORMED Company, Russia

Suisonia Co., Ltd | Russia Representative


Wanjerome (Beijing) Co., Ltd


Greenstreak (Malaysia) SDN BHD Ltd


Nikomix Vietnam Co., Ltd

The History of Suisonia

We started our company in Fukuoka prefecture (Started as “Kyusho Engineering LLC”) focusing on developing/manufacturing industrial robots. We mostly manufactured robotic arms used for automotive industries. As we shifted our focus to medical device, we are currently certified as Third Class Medical Device Manufacture & Sales in Japan.

Our strength has always been our creativity and persistence in making better product on user oriented aspect. Not only we provide safety with our medical device manufacturer registration*, we are currently making progress to obtain ISO-13485 to level up our manufacturing/quality management standards.


Company first established at Yahata in Fukuoka

The company was first founded by Isami Shigematsu in Kitakyushu City in 1978. Started trial production of industrial machinery at the request of Old Nippon Steel Corporation (currently Nippon Steel Corporation) Research and Development Center. The company officially established in 1984 as Kyushu Engineering Co., Ltd. Development and manufacturing for Nippon Steel and TOTO became the main client

New location and started production for industrial robot

We moved our head office and factory to Kongo, Yahatanishi-ku, Kitakyushu. Started receiving orders from Yaskawa Electric Corp. and other major distributors. Development and manufacturing of automated industrial robot became our strength. We started developing PDP panel manufacturing equipment, aluminum door welding robot equipment for automobiles, hollow thread removal robot.



New changes and challenges

Since 2006, we have been working on the development and manufacturing of new fields, and at the same time we have started to expand our business and at the same time we have started large-scale equipment, printing equipment, and various equipment for overseas markets. Manufactures Kyushu Electric Power’s angle drilling equipment for steel towers and Hitachi Cable’s self-propelled battery trolley. We have also succeeded in developing and manufacturing a large sheet printing device for Kawasumi Laboratories’ drip packs and Sekisui film.

Merge & Acquisition of Kyusho Engineering

We started a development of a totally new device that generates hydrogen other than commonly used electrolysis.

Steam mixed gas generator contained hydrogen produced by our very own technology “Superheated Steam Reduction” system. With having a new focus to start “suisonia” business, we merged and acquire “Kyusho Engineering”, renamed the company as “Earth Engineering Co., Ltd”

This was the start of the suisonia journey.



Suisonia that spread in Japan

We succeeded in development of our very own Superheated Steam Reduction system, and made a production model suisonia type-III. It has been introduced all over the country as an health equipment. A year later, we started focusing on building “scientific/medical evidence” to prove the value generating hydrogen from Superheated Steam Reduction system other than commonly used electrolysis. We shifted our focus on researching about the gas it produces.

Began basic research and clinical studies

Since, 2015 we started our first human clinical trial using suisonia with Professor Ikewaki (currently Vice President of Kyushu University of Health and Welfare). A medical team was set up in-house, and Professor Ikewaki became our academic advisor to assist various basic researches to find mechanisms of Suisonia. An innovative clinical studies based on dialysis patients has also began.



Patent and published research Journal

We have obtained numerous patents of our Superheated Steam Reduction system. At the same time, we continued on our research on suisonia’s gas and clinical research while continuously improving on our system.

We have succeeded in weight reduction and downsizing and began our sales outside on foreign countries.

We even started joint research with overseas medical institutions.

A year when suisonia became a medical device.

After years of marketing suisonia as a health device, we have finally obtained a license for medical device manufacturing and sales in Japan. This was necessary as more and more research started showing promising results conveying that suisonia was more appropriate to be positioned as medical device, rather than a health equipment.

On May in the same year, an AC 220 volt capable version was released, while new clinical research studying the effects of suisonia gas towards COPD and Asthma therapy began, thanks to cooperation of “Peking Union Medical College”.



Rebranded as Suisonia Co., Ltd

On year 2020, we have completely renamed our company as “Suisonia Co., Ltd”, to market our brand not only in Japan, but across the world.

Our journey to “Expand Health Zone” across the world have just began.

We are continuously researching how suisonia may help different type of diseases. We always hope “suisonia” will assist people’s health.

“Suisonia Co., Ltd”
~The Pioneer of Suiso (Hydrogen)~