Suisonia is an inhaler of

Active form of Hydrogen

Most hydrogen breathers around the world generates high concentration of hydrogen (H ) gas for inhalation. Some can produce over 90% of hydrogen gas. True, hydrogen is the smallest element on earth, while also known to be  an anti-oxidant that removes harmful active oxygen. Being the smallest element hydrogen can and anti-oxidant, hydrogen provides stunning health benefits for users.

Trap of high concentration

However, we believe having high concentration of hydrogen will not always mean beneficial for human body. Imbalanced concentration can mean possibilities of side-effects. The best way is to reduct increasing concentration while maximizing its anti-oxidative effects. Suisonia is the solution to this.

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suisonia FRJ Series

New Generation of Suisonia Therapy has just arrived. The FRJ equipped with smart touch screen allows uses in hospitals, clinics, therapy centers and even for personal use.



Home use or Professional use

“suisonia” is used in facilities such as clinics and hydrogen salons, but it can be used at your home. This “suisonia.Home” model was designed from ground up specifically for personal use.

It is very simple to use. Turn on the device, add distilled water, press start button and wait!


Extensively researched steam gas containing active hydrogen

We are continuously studying the effects of suisonia steam “H(H2O)m” in basic research and clinical trials. In basic research, it has been studied in the field of immune , inflammatory, and vascular system. In the clinical research, it has been studied for renal system, respiratory system, cardio vascular system and more. Some of the research has been published in the article.

In our most recent research, clinical trial on post COVID-19 began last year and the journal is about to be published.


Suisonia’s unconventional technology

High heat of 700~750°C and a special cartridge developed in-house, generates hydrogen by causing reduction to water steam.

This fine particle of active hydrogen mixed in water steam makes it very easy for your body to take in, while giving moist to your nasal mucosa for increased comfort. 


Made under certified medical device manufacturer in Japan

Your safety and the reliability of our device is guaranteed.

Suisonia Co., Ltd is registered as a medical device manufacturer in Japan. Your “suisonia” is built under the quality of medical device and industrial robot manufacturer.


High standards in Quality Control, Maintenance and After-care.

In addition to high standards as a medical device manufacturer, we have developed a system to firmly support maintenance and aftercare for your suisonia devices.


Unique Technology

This is how suisonia generates active hydrogen

※Image of the heater interior

Our R&D Team have successfully developed this unconventional hydrogen generation method. The key is in our heater technology, where it safely maintains high temperature of 700~750°C for very long period. This given condition allows H(H₂O)m to be generated.


This is what Suisonia generates from “Superheated Steam Reduction” method

Process on how suisonia generates H(H₂O)m


Power up heater and put water steam

Firstly, create an environment suited to generate H(H₂O)m. That requires heating up the cartridge to over 600°C, while pushing it in with dense steam.

※Image of the heater interior


Let the chemical reaction occur

When water steam passes within this space of extreme heat, some part of the steam begins to touch the surface of the heated cartridge.

※Image of the heater interior


Hydrogen generated from reduction

Water (H₂O) is composed on two hydrogen molecules (H₂) and oxygen (O). Heated cartridge reacts with the oxygen by taking it, while leaving the hydrogen. Next step is the most important part of the process.

※Image of the heater interior


Surround the hydrogen to form H(H₂O)m

As this tiny space is extremely dense with steam, the generated hydrogen will immediately be surrounded by steam. This is how H(H₂O)m is generated for the first time.

※Image of the heater interior


Keep the form as long as possible

Once the H(H₂O)m is formed, this formation should be maintained until it reaches your body. We designed a special breathing tube for you to get the most out of suisonia.

※Image of the heater interior

Our Commitment

suisonia’s special nasal cannula

Higher inner diameter

In order to maintain the formation of H(H₂O)m as long as possible, we increased the inner diameter of the tube allowing steam to “flow slowly” within the tube.

We also designed the tube to stay flexible in-order to adapt with changes of the pressure within the tube when user inhales or exhales.

Parylene Coating on the surface

Our breathing tube (nasal cannula) is coated with Parylene Coating, a special antibacterial coating that is biocompatible and biologically safe.

It prevents the adhesion of micro-level bacteria, viruses, body fluids, etc. This method is used especially in cutting-edge medical technologies such as cardiac pacemakers, laparoscopes, and dental implants. In Japan, our nasal cannula is the only cannula that is coated with parylene.


Researches in Japan and other Countries

Suisonia is researched extensively both in “Basic Research” and “Applied Research”.

– Basic Research – Studies of effectivity towards active oxygen, glycation, cancer cell has been conducted. In other countries such as China, Seychelles and in Russia, Clinical Trial of applied research so far.

– We are continuously researching about the special steam it generates. Our new research focusing on the steam will begin.

We put effort on researching this new steam that suisonia produces. Our research reports are written in our own research institute MLSLaboratory:

Suisonia researched in world class dialysis center

Suisonia was previously researched in a world class dialysis center in Republic of Seychelles, Renasense Renal Care Center. Two units were brought from Japan, and the effects of suisonia gas towards dialysis patients were studies by an investigator Dr. Kishore Kumar. In this study, 23 patients with Chronic Kidney Disease stage 5 joined this research, and inhaled during his/her dialysis sessions three times a week. Details can be found in our research institute: MLSLabo –

Suisonia devices were brought in from Japan and researched by Dr. Kishore Kumar (3rd person from right). MLS Laboratory senior researcher Mr. Hidaka assisted the research from Japan. (3rd person from left).

Suisonia researched for Post COVID-19 by Russia’s top Doctor

Since last December (2020), a new interesting research was conducted in Russia. It is a research of Post COVID-19 research, a developing world-wide problem. This study was conducted by Professor Alexander G. Chuchalin, a well-known top pulmonologist from Russia Academy of Sciences. In this study, sixty (60) medical personnel joined this research, with specific criteria.

This research was cooperated with:

1. Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU)
2. Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University
3. Russia Academy of Sciences (RAS)
4. Pletnev City Hospital
5. MLS Laboratory

Learn more at:

This research was executed in Pletnev City Hospital with 60 medical staff who is suffering Post COVID.

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Suisonia’s Contribution

suisonia and the world

We always wanted to contribute to quality of life not only in Japan, but for all people.  Two well-known olympic figure skater from Russia and Japan have shown interest towards suisonia.

Evgenia Medvedeva

Silver Medallist from Pyeongchang Olympics

Evgenia Medvedeva was infected with COVID-19, and later suffered Post COVID-19 conditions for a while. As we introduced suisonia to her, since the research on Post COVID was conducted in Russia, Medvedeva have shown interest and began her suisonia life. Medvedeva is showing her smile on her instagram posted on January this year (2021).

Alexandra “Sasha” Trusova

World record holder on World championship 

Sasha learnt that Medveva was using suisonia to condition her health, then she wanted to try out.  We have gifted one unit to her.  She commented that she would be using suisonia to condition her health every single day. Thanks to Russia team for making this possible.


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