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suisonia came to exist for people living in 21st century to serve one purpose. "Regaining moderate life environment"

World's First!

Hydrogen Inhalation Equipment that utilize "Super Heated Steam Reduction"

It creates steam containing strong reducing hydrogen, while maintaining moderate concentration


We call it "suisonia steam"

suisonia steam

A steam everyone should breath

Eating unhealthy food
Cell damage due to excessive exercise.
Diminishing health due to aging

It's a steam for all people

living in this stressful environment

suisonia steam is a special steam generated by our own method called "superheated steam reduction method".  This is a method only suisonia has ever accomplished.

Super Heated Steam

Reduction Method

A Brand New Technology

suisonia has opened up a new possibility for improving health and beauty, thanks to continued cooperation and joint research with medical institution and universities.

This suisonia steam contains hydrogen with strong reducing power.  Unlike the other conventional hydrogen generators, suisonia generates it by additionally heating up steams to as high as 750 ºC using special metal cartridge.

Development of suisonia and its medical research began right at the same time.

Basic researches and clinical studies about the effects of suisonia steam is being progressed across the world.  We're finding new ways towards medical application.


Hiroki Maehara


Associate professor in the University of the Ryukyus. Dr Maehara specializes in orthopedics.

Kishore Kumar


Dr. Kishore specializes in the study of nephrology. He previously researched the effects of hydrogen therapy in Seychelles.

Zhu Kai Feng


Dr. Zhu is working in Peking Union Hospital in Republic of China as a chief doctor.

Li Guang Xi


Chief doctor in Peking Guang'anmen Hospital in Republic of China.  Dr. Li expertises the effects of pollution to human lungs specifically PM2.5

Koukichi Arai


A medical doctor in Eikoukai.  Dr. Arai specializes in caregiving for aged ones.

Akira Hirakawa


A chairman as well as doctor in Hohoemi group.

Specializes in medical care for elderly.

Miyuki Tanimoto


Aiming to become a 'local physician' for acute diseases. Served as the representative of Arai Clinic.

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