1. Concept of Privacy Policy

We are collecting and using information such as a customer's e-mail address, name, address, telephone number, etc., in order to carry out business smoothly. We recognize the proper protection of customer informationof these customers (hereinafter referred to as "customer information") as a serious obligation, and in order to fulfill this responsibility, we will establish the handling of customer information as follows.

  • We will comply with laws, including other relevant laws concerning the protection of customer information and handle it appropriately. Also, we will strive to improve handling it as necessary.

  • We clarify the regulations concerning the handling of customer information and thoroughly notify our employees. We will also request suppliers to handle customer information appropriately.

  • When collecting customer information, we will notify or announce the purpose of use, and handle customer information according to its purpose of use promised.

  • We will take the necessary measures to prevent leakage, loss, tampering, etc., of customer information and handle it with appropriate management.

  • We will respond in good faith the requests received from customers about their information we hold at the designated customer service center in regards to the request of disclosure, correction, deletion and suspension of use.

Specifically, we will handle customer information according to the following manner.

2. Purpose of Using Customer Information

We will use the customer information we collect for the purpose of carrying out business within the range of the following purposes and the purpose of use presented at the time of acquisition.

Specified Usage

  • Customer management

  • ECustomer identification of websites operated by Earth Engineering Corporation

  • Dispatch of certificate

  • EAdvertisement and publicity of Earth Engineering Corporation

  • Sending newsletters

  • Sending direct-mails

  • Various inquiries, after-sales service correspondences

  • Marketing research, data analysis, R&D

  • Implementation of operation accompanying (1) - (8)

In addition, in order to facilitate the above-mentioned duties, we may consign portions of our operations to information processing companies, financial institutions, cooperating companies etc. At that time, we may provide customer information to the extent necessary to third parties. In that case, we will properly supervise such conduct, including executing contracts regarding handling with the outsourcer.

3. Disclosure and Provision of Customer Information to Third Parties

  • Where there is consent from the customer

  • When requested to disclose or provide in accordance with laws and regulations

  • In cases where it is necessary for the protection of human life, body or property, and it is difficult to obtain customer consent

  • In cases where it is particularly necessary for the improvement of public health or the promotion of health of fostering of children, and it is difficult to obtain customer consent

  • In cases where it is necessary for a national or local public entity, etc. to cooperate in carrying out public office work and there is a risk of interfering with the performance of the affairs by obtaining the consent of the customer


4. Cookies and Links

We will record the usage status of "Earth Engineering Corporation" with cookies which is a mechanism for grasping the usage of the internet. However, we will only use such method for improving customer service at "Earth Engineering Corporation". "Earth Engineering Corporation" contains links to other sites, but regarding the management of customer information at those sites, please refer to their provisions of handling personal information.


5. Disclosure of Customer Information

In the case of requesting disclosure of customer's own information possessed by us, after confirming of said individual to be correct, we will then comply in a reasonable time.


6. Correction of Customer Information

Regarding customer information held by us, if the customer wishes to correct, add or delete the contents of the information, we will comply with such requests after confirming the identity of said individual. If there is a discrepancy in the information provided by the customer, we will comply with the request after a reasonable range of time pursuant to validating such information.


7. Halting of Usage or Deleting Customer Information

Regarding customer information held by us, if a customer wishes to suspend or cancel the usage of the information, we will comply with such request after confirming the identity of said individual after a reasonable range of time. If a customer suspends or deletes some or all of the information, please be advised that we may be unwillingly unable to offer the service according to pursuant to customer's request.
(In addition, we may not be able to respond to requests to suspend, cancel, or delete information held under the relevant laws and regulations.)


8. Receiving Customer Information Disclosure and Customer Service Center

We will accept requests for disclosure of customer information held by us (No.5, 6, 7 above) as follows. Please be advised we may not be able to respond to requests for disclosure etc. not based on this reception method.

  • Application Procedure

    Please contact us by mail, fax or e-mail at the customer service center. After confirming that you are the principal (representative)*, we will respond with the method of document delivery or a method that we mutually agreed upon. Depending on the content of the application, we may require a customer to submit additional information. Also, please be advised it may take several days to reply to an application. For a written reply, we will charge a fee specified by our company. Details of the procedure will be explained at the time of application.
    *If you are the principal or the representative applying on behalf of the principal, we're validating the information registered, and will check for the identity of the principal through an e-mail address, password, name, home address, and telephone number.
    And we will further validate the principal information through: a call from our company to the principal's registered phone number, driver's license and basic resident registration card with a picture ID, passport, health insurance card, and certificate of with an official seal-impression, etc.
    In addition, in the case of a request by a representative of the principal, we will verify to confirm through power of attorney and letter of assignee with an official stamp by the principal, along with a certificate with an official seal-impression and telephone confirmation with the principal.

  • Customer Service Center

    Location: Fukuoka Prefecture, Kita-Kyushu City, Yahatanishi-ku, Kongo 3-5-56

    Address to: Earth Engineering Corporation / Customer Service Center

    TEL: 0120-775-665


9. Regarding Corporate Customer Information

Regarding handling the information of corporate customers, we will properly handle the material received according to the above in consideration of the purpose of usage, public, and general common sense, etc., according to the relevant laws and regulations. In addition, please also read the terms of service when considering our services.


*Prices vary among countries and region.  Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

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