Due to emerging availability and great accessibility of purchasing products online, Suisonia Co., Ltd warns consumers across the world from purchasing suisonia devices from unauthorized resellers especially from online.

Some cases where reported where one of our devices (FRJ-220V and FRJ-ENEX) was posted online available for purchase. However these resellers cannot guarantee its safety while providing appropriate after-sales care. Additionally, these resellers cannot supply original consumable items such as cartridges and heater.

Suisonia Co., Ltd provides after-sales care and consumable items exclusive to customers and businesses who have purchased our devices directly from Suisonia Co., Ltd or from one of our authorized reseller from different countries.

The lists of authorized reseller of suisonia in different countries: https://www.suisonia.com/en/company/authreseller

Suisonia goes through full inspection before export:

Suisonia Co., Ltd, as a manufacturer or health/medical device conducts extensive inspection of each and every units that leaves our factory.

Suisonia’s inhalation device where its original technology (Superheated Steam Reduction) mainly heater unit is installed. This device utilize a heater components that heats up to over 600 degrees celsius (not more than 750 degrees celsius). This is one of the reason why thorough safety inspection is required before going to the hands of the customers.

Devices such as suisonia FRJ-220V and suisonia FRJ-ENEX is partly built outside Suisonia Co., Ltd manufacturing process. However each and every unit is completed at our factory while going through complete inspection.

Additionally, each device’s serial number and heater components is registered to our customer care system prior to delivery. This enables Suisonia Co., Ltd and our authorized reseller to identify where each of our devices will be used while providing appropriate warranty and after-sales care.

Suisonia’s increasing demand across the world:

Suisonia devices originally emerged in Japan market since 2014. Since Suisonia generates hydrogen, it is known for maintaining user’s health and well-being. But with its original technology, suisonia achieved in gaining scientific evidence not found in other hydrogen devices. With its clinical researches, it proved its safety and effectivity towards chronic diseases such as COPD and asthma.

As Suisonia achieved in gaining more and more results from basic research, suisonia began its breakthrough research by the end of 2020; Effectivity towards Post COVID-19. Currently this research is the most recent achievement by Suisonia.

From the result of this research, our device has proven to be safe and effective towards Post COVID-19 rehabilitation (See more about the research here).

With these scientific evidences that suisonia has achieved so far, Suisonia is starting to gain recognition and attention even from countries where Suisonia devices aren’t available locally. In the end, to ensure long-term safety, we strongly encourage customers to only transact directly with Suisonia Co., Ltd or with our authorized dealers.