Fukuoka, JAPAN ー Suisonia Co., Ltd officially announced a release of a brand new model of their active formed hydrogen inhalation device “suisonia HOME” in Japan, and began pre-orders. This new device that is scheduled to start shipping on mid October, have successfully down sized and reduced its weight by almost 50% compared to its predecessor (Suisonia FRJ-III – released only in Japan). Additionally, suisonia HOME can be purchased easier than ever before, thanks to credit company.

The new suisonia HOME in Gun Metallic color

Mr Hashimoto, the President and CEO of Suisonia Co., Ltd have commented, “I have a dream to expand the concept of health zone across the world. Just to bring closer to this dream, we designed this new device specifically for home use. Weight reduction, simplifying the way how to operate the machine was the key. In addition, as we wanted all the future owners to use this device worry-free, suisonia HOME is registered as medical device in Japan”.

About suisonia HOME

Weight: 9.3kg

Dimensions: W233mm × L318mm × H461mm

Available Colors:
・Gun Metallic
・Pearl White

Hydrogen Generation Method: Superheated Steam Reduction

suisonia’s original technology

Normally, hydrogen inhalation devices which are often sold as “health equipment” mostly uses electrolysis to generate hydrogen. This method simply uses electricity and water with electrolyte solution to decompose hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O) from water (H2O).

On the other hand, suisonia uses special cartridge that is heated to 700℃, allowing oxygen (O) to be removed from water steam (H2O) that passes the chamber. At the same time, hydrogen (H) is left in the same chamber is mixed up with steam. This mixture of hydrogen and steam is what suisonia generates.

Different between suisonia and other hydrogen devices