The first hydrogen inhalation device in the world using non-conventional method to generate a special hydrogen.


Welcome to the future of hydrogen therapy.

More than 300 private owned salons and medical clinics in Japan have introduced Suisonia in their own facility.

Hydrogen therapy is becoming part of daily lifestyle, simply for one reason: "Removing harmful active oxygen accumulated from daily stressful life".

Suisonia is all about...
- Regaining Health Balance

- Increasing Health Zone

- More Healthy Days in your life

Announcement of Company Name Change

Dear customers,


We would like to announce that effective April 15, 2020, our company name changed from "Earth Engineering Co., Ltd" to the following:


New company name:

  Suisonia Co., Ltd.



We thank you for your continued patronage and cooperation.

April 15, 2020

Suisonia Co., Ltd

Suisonia for Business

Suisonia is recognized as Medical Equipment in Japan.  Since Suisonia, is being researched and clinically tested with the help of academic advisors and hospitals around the world, we are backed with Medical Evidences.  Suisonia is all about medical evidences what most other hydrogen devices won't be able to achieve, thanks to its non-conventional method of generating hydrogen.


Would you like to be an official distributor of Suisonia in your country?  We can help you.

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